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Roxy Torah Down Jacket
Roxy Torah Down Jacket
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The History of Roxy

Roxy is actually an offshoot of the popular company Quiksilver. In 1990, Quiksilver made the decision to create a new line of women's apparel. Those who know Quiksilver will know that the parent company was very big in the surf market back then, mostly in terms of male gear. The advent of Roxy was to break into the female market.

Roxy started out marketing most swimwear for women and was considered an immediate success by those who watch such things. Within a year, the company introduced its Roxy sportswear apparel line, which also took off successfully with reported sales of more than $1 million. By the end of 1992, Roxy had added more designs and included its unique versions of denim and snow-fashion lines. Some suggest that because of its association with the surfing world, many non-surfing women found the brand both exciting and intriguing which helped it to achieve such quick success. It can be safely said that Roxy was the first company to offer this particular mix to the market; a mix of female apparel, tied to the surf world.

The famous Roxy logo was inspired by the unique crest that was being used by parent company Quiksilver. The logo came about in 1993. During the early 1990's the company began to expand, both in terms of personnel and sales.

One of the most well known articles of clothing that Roxy has ever marketed is the woman's board short. This truly unique design gave the wearer both flexibility and fit while maintaining its feminine sense of style. This introduction literally changed the way that the surfing apparel fashion companies did business. The Roxy board short line continues to be one of the company's best selling lines.

In 1994, Lisa Andersen who was, at that time, the ASP Female World Champion joined the Roxy team. Over time, she won more titles and became synonymous with success. Many still consider her to be one of the influential women in women's surfing, even to this day. Her participation with the Roxy brand was important as it helped the company generate intense interest in its products from those who were actively engaged in women's surfing, both at the professional level and the amateur level. Roxy continues to bring in the best female surfers as spokespersons and team members.

One might presume, and would be correct, that with so much attention being paid to professional female surfers, Roxy would want to host its own event. This was the genesis of the first Quiksilver-Roxy Women's Pro Surfing gig. The event took place in Oahu, Hawaii in late 1995. The event is still considered one of the premier surfing events in the world and has tens of thousands of dedicated fans.

In addition to this first event, Roxy has since hosted a variety of other events which include the Australian Roxy Pro Gold Coast, Roxy Pro Fiji, and the Roxy Jam UK. All of these are ASP World Championship events. They also host the Australian Pro Women's Surf Festival events that are wildly popular. And they also host and participate in a wide variety of amateur surf events and contests that are set up for young surfers all over the globe. It goes without saying that with so many events and so many promotions, the company's exposure in the surfing world has increased substantially over the years.

In 1995, Roxy made the move to include other items in its lineup. These included eyewear and accessories. Soon after, they added footwear, various types of sports watches, and even began a new campaign that was devoted to young girls, calling that line Roxy Girl. The company enjoyed a lot of publicity in the mid-90's and received numerous nominations for its outstanding designs. 1997 saw the introduction of its famous snow line of fashions and its introduction of the company children's line. By the end of 1999, the company was marketing bags, jewelry, skating gear, and backpacks which propelled it into the general "girls" mass market. Even so, the company has been able to keep its core customers.

Because of its commitment to a strong retail presence, Roxy has been able to increase its brand recognition and increased sales have followed. Roxy now has outlets that are operating across the globe, and the company is enjoying a high level of success as more young girls discover the various lines and accessories that Roxy has to offer. Recent sales estimates have the company generating some $400 million in annual sales.