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This History of Marmot

For many of those who demand the best in outdoor apparel, Marmot is their company of choice, and for good reason. Marmot is well-known as a leader in outdoor wear especially designed for cold weather or rugged conditions. The company's genesis is unique and worthy of note. But first, for those who may not know what a Marmot is…

Marmots are ground squirrels that most often live in mountainous areas. They are especially found in areas such as the Eurasian steppes, the Alps, Carpathian Mountains, and the northern Apennines. They can also be found in the Rocky Mountains, Cascades and Black Hills. So, why is this important when discussing the history of the Marmot clothing company?

In 1971, Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley were mountain climbing in Alaska when they decided to form a climbing climb named after the marmot. The two men were, at that time, students at the University of California Santa Cruz. They were in Alaska on a school project. In order to become a member of their new climbing club, a person was required to climb to the peak of a mountain in the company of another member. Thus was formed the Marmot climbing club.

From 1971 to 1973, Reynolds and Huntley worked on designing several types of outdoor gear, all of which used down as its insulating material. These early prototypes were actually put together in the men's dormitory room. These first products were mostly of down-filled vests, along with a parka and sweater design. A short time later, they designed a sleeping bag, again using down as the insulating material.

In 1974, the two men (only 21 years old each, invested $3000 and started the Marmot Mountain Works in Colorado. They rented stone building and opened it as a retail and rental shop. When they needed cash, they taught cross-country skiing.

Their first "big" order came in when a filmmaker, Mike Hoover, placed an order for 108 jackets that were to be used during the filming of the movie "The Eiger Sanction" which starred Clint Eastwood. The men designed and delivered what is now known as the Golden Mantle jacket.

In 1976, Marmot founder Eric Reynolds became interested in the new fabric that was being introduced at the time. That fabric was Gore-Tex and has since become famous for its use in a variety of functions including its durability in outdoor, rugged use. Reynolds made arrangements to use Gore-Tex in Marmot's sleeping bags as well as in some of its rainwear apparel.

This first use of Gore-Tex was only the beginning. Marmot began an extensive design effort and within a short time has developed a variety of gear using the Gore-Tex fabric. They were the first to design what is known now as the Gore-Tex bivy bag as well as a mountain tent known as the Taku which provided not only warmth but was lighter to carry.

Back in 1974, there were a total of seven dealers who were carrying the Marmot line. Marmot understood at the very beginning that they would have train and educate their dealers as to the special properties Marmot items offered if they were to be successful. This commitment to training and education is credited as being one of the cornerstones of the business' success, and continues today. By 1983, Marmot had more than 200 dealers and that number continued to grow. Much of the company's sales today take place over the internet via the company website where new additions to the already extensive line of products are often showcased as soon as they are launched by the company.

The company is headquartered in Rohnert Park, California and has offices around the globe including locations in Canada, UK, Hong Kong and Germany to name a few. Marmot has earned numerous awards over the years, which include the Editor's Choice award from Backpacker magazine for their Oracle jacket.

The Marmot company is currently a part of the Outdoor Solutions division of Jarden Corporation.

As many apparel companies have done, Marmot has its own online presence in the form of a website. The website contributes to the company's overall exposure level and offers visitors information on the company, its apparel line, and other relevant information.