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Clearance Arcteryx Jackets The New 2014 Arcteryx jackets for men and women are in stock now! Save on Arcteryx Clothing with Free Shipping & No Sales Tax on All Orders Over $40.00 in the Contiguous USA.
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Arcteryx Alpha SL  Jacket
Arcteryx Alpha SL Jacket
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The History of Arcteryx

There are millions of people, the world over, who demand the best in quality when it comes to outdoor clothing as various types of sporting goods. When these people shop, they often shop with Arcteryx, and they do so for good reason.

In 1989, Arcteryx was founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The Canadian company took its logo and its name from the earliest known species of bird, the Archaeopteryx. The logo itself was designed from a picture of a skeleton of this bird known as the Berlin specimen.

In 1999, the company moved its headquarters to a new locale in Burnaby. This was done largely because of added space requirements. However, the move was only temporary, and the company relocated its main offices back to North Vancouver in 2005. For the most part, the company produces clothing and sporting goods that are often associated with backpacking, climbing, hiking, snowboarding and activities such as those.

The company was founded by two men, Jeremy Guard and Dave Lane. At its conception, the company name was Rock Solid and it concentrated on manufacturing equipment used in rock climbing. Their most popular product, at the time, was the Vapor harness which used new laminate technology. Using this same technology, the company introduced a new style of backpack during its second year of operation. The backpack was called the Bora and it, too, became well known in a short amount of time.

A major shift took place in 1996 when the company was granted a license by WL Gore which included permission to use the Gore-Tex fabric for many of Arcteryx's new products. These new products were listed under the company's technical gear for outdoor use. Over the years, the company has received numerous awards for its designs and outdoor apparel, most notably its Gamma MX jackets and Theta AR garments.

In addition to its consumer line of products, Arcteryx also produces a line that is designed specifically for law enforcement and military personnel. This line is known as the LEAF line of products (Law Enforcement and Armed Forces). To the casual observer, the LEAF line may look the same as the general consumer line, but there are differences, notably that the LEAF line often includes PALS attachments as well as designs that are in camouflage color. The product line was so successful that the US Marines selected the company's Tango design when they were coming up with a new style of backpack for its service members.

The company saw another major shift in early 2001 when it was bought by Salomon Group which is owned by Adidas. It should be noted that Salomon Group was later bought by Amer Sports (May 2005). Even so, the Arcteryx main offices remain in North Vancouver. The majority of its outdoor gear (backpacks, harnesses, laminated gear) is made in Burnaby, British Columbia while their line of outdoor clothing is made in a variety of locations including New Zealand, China, and Viet Nam.

The basic philosophy behind their designs and products has not changed over the years. The company stands firm in that it will design and produce only the best in outdoor apparel and sporting goods. They are also committed to manufacturing their many products in an environmentally safe manner. It is their belief that by manufacturing higher-than-average goods and clothing, consumers will be able to keep and use those goods for longer periods of time. This long life is one way to decrease the amount of waster that is generated. Their products are known for their extreme durability, often lasting many seasons, even when subjected to rugged conditions and use. The way the company is able to achieve this high standard of quality is through the use of innovative designs and superior quality materials that are then crafted into the various products by highly trained employees the world over.

Arcteryx is committed to maintaining this high level of quality. It also remains fully committed to producing its lines of outdoor clothing and outdoor gear in ways that do not negatively impact the environment. For those who want the best in outdoor gear, gear that has been tested and proven to be high quality, Arcteryx is the company option to choose.